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  • Product: Standard Fender Offset Kit

Product: Standard Fender Offset Kit

    Since the crevice between a Front fender and a Tire was too large to take to it, it purchased.

    Although he thought that it could attach easily, troubles were suffered [ whether whose way of mine was bad and ] just for a moment.

    When it attaches, it is like [ which is regarded as this not being in a NORMAL ].

    Since appearance also likes the Down fender although it does not run on a rainy day, it purchases. After attaching as a description at a car body as it is also in in play in the direction of others although it is
    attachment, the Nut of a Fender inner side increases then and a bundle is not made.
    After fixing a Kit and a Fender firmly previously, the attachment to a Fork has worked to the Smooth.
    Although I feel that a price is slightly high, appearance is also felt refreshed and is satisfactory in general.

    It was used for APE100. There are an object for
    Normal stems and an object for Wide stems. the Front fender of
    APE -- a NORMAL -- if -- since the upper part is reached, mud splashes will fly to a face on the day of
    rain, but it is lowering downward by an Offset Kit, and stops starting a face
    -- since mud splashes however come underfoot -- shoes -- splash . It is more stylish to also lower
    appearance and the highest.

    It is good for reducing the splashes raising of muddy water.
    Although it was two screw threads on which a fender is stopped about attachment, after carrying out this bundle, pains were taken for a while to attach to Faulk.
    After attaching to Faulk in the stage of a temporary bundle after all, this bundle was carried out, but there are few crevices between it and a tire and this bundle of this also suffered troubles for a while.
    If the spring seat is also contained in the fender back side, this bundle is carried out more comfortably.

    It attached to the ape 50.
    Although the seen touch was also stylish, mud and a water shuttlecock were lost above all.
    The recommend of purchasing, if troubled by splashes of mud etc. is carried out!

    It attached to typeD.
    appearance and practicality are perfect -- it is .
    It does not fit as it is as it has written to the description that typeD is improper.
    However, if a few is devised, it can be used satisfactorily.
    Since the stopper takes the side of attached U nut first, it will not be able to thrust to the back but a crevice will be made between a center bridge and a fender.
    It will be OK, if a commercial M8 small-size U nut is used in order to cancel it.
    (The price is about 10 yen per piece in selling in individual parts) The size of another of a front fork and a fork lamp (a portion like handcuffs) will not suit, but it will be able to do a crevice for a while.
    If it attaches on both sides of something in order to bury it, it will be closed firmly.
    (I used thick powerful double-stick tape) A just fit will be carried out if the above measures are taken.

    Preeminent for the mudguard effect! Bathing to the face was lost.
    appearance -- rather -- good .
    Very easy, although time is taken in attachment removing a reflecting seal.
    It equips without a hammer striking.
    However, the crevice between it and a tire is anxious few.

    This normal fender offset kit is operative size! They are goods which we can very recommend to you.
    When a pure front fender can be used as it is and it inserts in the lower one, there is a portion which suffers troubles just for a moment, but since working hours were only 15 minutes, reading a description, an amateur can also do it simply.
    I think that it becomes tight on the whole in respect of looks, and the direction which considers exchange of the location of a fender should be purchased by all means since it is very good since it is visible, and it is very effective on a rainy day.

    It attached to the TYPE-D 09 model.
    Although it is entire decoration in a standard fender fixing position (above), there is only an effect lowered too.
    Right-hand side Faulk's projection interferes with a fender.
    It interferes also in the metal-fittings set-screw part of the Faulk right and left with a fender.
    Since the diameter of an outer tube was not suited, it attached across Sim.
    Since there was a portion in which it has interfered, the front side [ 8 mm ] backside has attached somehow by 15-mm clearance (more than this is impossible).
    Since there is little clearance, it is slightly anxious.
    The outer tube of TYPE-D is short. it is thin -- it is the impression ?.

    Although the water which had splashed was compared with the light of the head lamp like a fountain in the normal valve position, it turns out that it decreased considerably after offsetting.
    Anyhow, the function that the state where it offset is essential is achieved.
    Although the style appropriate for off is lost, it is like the Faulk stabilizer, and he is smart and it is degree-of-satisfaction size!