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  • Product: APE Front Fender

Product: APE Front Fender

    [a Webike Monitor] --
    > -- since the pure Fender attached although the pure Front fender was Down-ized using the Stay which came to hand in the certain place flys away during a run and serves as missing -- purchase.

    It was not whether a pure Fender is reused again and a price which is surprised to have discounted although it wavered, either, and since he wanted to change feeling just for a moment, it decided on purchase.
    Incidentally a price is 1.8 times [ being pure (new article) ]. There was no crack in the portion which
    > goods are black Gels and is conspicuous, and since it was a beautiful result, it attached as it is.
    Although my APE thought the kana ? which does not suit unless it paints, since it is white, it was closed, it was visible and it has satisfied it individually.
    First of all, although charmed at the cheap place compared with other external articles, it attaches and watches and is pleasing by the Matching with the roundish Design and car body.
    > attachment was easy. Although the attachment description of
    photograph ON had reached, it was hard to see a photograph. attaching, and caring, since it is easy, either. The Sticker of the
    > Manufacturer stuck. Where does it stick? If candid advice is given only

    1 point, it will be APE50/100 combination, but isn't it that the Mark which shows two sorts of mopeds was not contained? Also in
    >, since it is large satisfaction, it is *5. Original 2 Marks are prepared by themselves.

    In addition, the Stay for a Down which was being used until now is used as it is.
    -- it is a Stabilizer. Although it has ridden about one week from
    > attachment, it is satisfactory at all.

    Attachment is also easy and smart! Although it worried also about the
    Stay, since there were many people who have attached and Down-ized the Stay, they wanted to carry out that it is different, and chose this. In the case of

    , however I, thought that the Clearance was investigated firmly, but. It attaches on the delivered day, and although I think that it is probably a Clearance mistake since the allophone carried out just before [ which the root broke and flew during the run ]
    Breaking, I think that I will buy --
    one more!

    Although he thought that he would paint according to body color, also as [ this ], it suits very well by black with luster.
    there was also no problem, especially the attachment itself came out easily and it carried out.
    An effect is pleasure although a rainy weather run has not been carried out yet.
    Moreover, the design which is not in others is also pleasing.

    Although down fender stay was also good, this was decided on by appearance.
    Although it is fixation by a hose band, it can attach firmly.