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  • Product: CREZZA-V LC-400A Chain Lock

Product: CREZZA-V LC-400A Chain Lock

    As I tried to lock the earth at the place where I moved, I did not have enough Length because I already owned Chain lock, so I locked the two chain locks and locked the earth. In the Chain lock with Length and thickness I searched for cheap ones and became this item.
    Although it is expensive compared to Wire lock, it seems to choose Chain lock which has a thickness to some extent even if it is slightly expensive, after watching a movie whose extremely thick Wire lock is easily cut off with a small tool.
    Well, the product of this kind can prove that it was ineffective in case of theft, but if it does not fit the theft it can not prove its effect because its causal relation is not clear.
    In other words, Bike Cover was put on the V-strom 650 at the outdoor parking lot in the 23 wards of Tokyo for 2 years, and the artificial lock of Red Baron on the front wheel (BL10) , It was not stolen where the earth locked the gutter of the building with the product and the Hirochi HL - 220 Chain lock on the rear wheel.
    In addition, it is good to have a Shutter in the keyhole, but Shutter's fixation is weak, and even if you close the Shutter, it is a difficulty that the Shutter is often opened when you next open the key.

    Since the storage place of Motorcycle is outdoors, purchase this product for theft prevention.
    To be able to purchase at less than 4000 yen, the making is quite solid and there is a sense of security.
    It is a nice place to have 4 keys in total.

    As a point to worry about, there is a possibility that foreign matter such as sand can enter because the lid of the key can not be inserted,
    Rust has already occurred in 2 weeks using it.

    I am worried about durability, but is there any way it is this price?

    The Chain part is solid and satisfied with comparatively strong structure of a price.

    , however the Kagimoto object seem to be fairly weak.It is hard to slide the Cover of the

    On the whole, it is satisfactory.

    With a certain huge bulletin board, since it was
    Mentioned as recommendation of about 5000 yen Chain lock, he bought it. It is convenient when it makes
    earth lock, since
    > die length is 1800 mm longer. comparing with the chain parts which are full of
    sense of security, although it was also a Review of the direction besides
    > -- a lock part -- some -- the thing which seems to be weak --
    -- it is slightly regrettable.

    [Webike Monitor] It was surprised for
    goods having arrived and having considered to carry out thing [
    ] very heavily unlike the thing currently considered.
    I thought that this was strong one as it is.
    He bought it and I thought that it was good!

    I think that they are goods very good for a part to buy it first for those who purchase this die length since it is certain to become a price more than double if you try to buy a thing equivalent to this die length with others although somewhat short mind is also carried out.
    Although chain parts are good well to be worrisome, structure of a lock part seems to be a toy.
    It considers only here that it is better to change with other things.
    Since a price is a price, even if it deducts it, I think that it is cost-effective.

    when stopping CB400SB at a house, it uses twisting around a pillar -- the price is carried out comparatively strongly as you are also told -- die length also comes out enough -- a pillar -- I have for it being alike and tying, and think that an oar was pulled -- three spare keys have -- it is -- relief!

    Since the price was handy, it purchased.
    Since there is goods [ themselves ] remarkable die length, I think that it is the best for earth Locke.
    Carrying out heavily, I feel that it cannot cut easily.
    Since there are also many spare keys, it is safe.

    The motorcycle cover + rear wheel is acting as earth Locke of the wire lock + front wheel by this Locke.
    this Locke -- structure is comparatively [ cheap ] solid and heavily heavy at it.
    Since there is also die length of enough, Locke can be carried out with ease.
    buying this, if you can buy a thing like this for about 5000 yen -- it will be -- !!.