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Product: Sticker Set

    I bought it with Webike before and pasted only Rea's triangle, but if I tried to paste it "Even if it does not violate it can be stopped" I heard that story, so I decided to paste it.

    Since displacement volume UP was carried out from 50 cc to 88 cc, it purchased. Although restuck several times by position modification, neither a tear nor wrinkles were made. (It corrected not having stuck thoroughly, but sticking and carrying out the position check only of the half)

    Although it was with the MONKEY/object for GORILLAs, it was used for all the painted two-sort Scooters. When using it for the
    Scooter, a little Sticker for Fenders may not suit.

    Since almost all stickers had become a set, it was good.
    If it sticks after cleaning the place to stick, it can stick finely.