【ACTIVE】Fender Eliminator Kit

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      Is the thing with many components removed variously only a KAWASAKI vehicle?

      • Contributors: Japan User(translated)
      • Published on: 2019-03-01 10:17:55
      Is the thing with many components removed variously only a KAWASAKI vehicle?


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      The tail which extended with the baby is clear. Tail became a feeling that it jumped up and Parenthesis is good.
      However, installation is as it is Large strange.
      Since I had a Standard working time of 1 hour in Package, I started working from the evening, but I got a little time to remove BlinkerWiring and gave up due to expiration of sunset time. I brought it to the Motorcycle shop after all the following day.
      I have been working there for about 2 hours and managed to finish it. There is also a description in the attached Instruction Manual, but there is a good place to work with two people. The attachment of the Mud Guard that blocks the hole of Wiring is also fine work, it can not be a handy Custom just to remove it with a pong.
      When bringing it to a shop, it may be slightly bad if you include that wage.

      I think that the direction in which the instruction manual (black and white) sticks and which has some knowledge and an experience can be attached without a problem. Although the Sponge and Rubber of
      > water proof stuck, the adhesive power of double-stick tape re-covered on the butyl system Tape of
      marketing weakly.

      It is the COSPAR highest.
      A lot of part mark took time in attachment a little. It was touch also with an angle and the exactly sufficient height to

      Even if it was attached simply and you carry out what time contribution, tell the reason for a send-off!