【KITACO】Full Exhaust System Gasket (1 Set of 2pcs.)

    • Evaluation:

      Used with CROSS Super CPU 110 JA 45

      • Contributors: Japan User(translated)
      • Published on: 2018-05-02 17:35:54
      I used it in exchange of Honda CROSSCUB 110 JA 45 Exhaust System.
      It is a good Gasket which uses other car models but has no problem.
      If it is a single cylinder of SmallEngine Displacement Volume, Quantity : 2pc. Since Set is not necessary, Quantity : 1pc. I think that it may be good.


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      Other reviews

      This product was purchased with muffler exchange.
      First, appearance.
      Structure is somewhat coarse ...
      But there is also no exhaust leakage functionally and it is good.
      I think that it is worth using since it is not expensive.

      It purchased for muffler exchange.
      Although a thing with a cheap price and appearance are coarse, since the function is achieved exactly, it is five star.

      It is cheap, and two prices are also contained and very good! Since what is necessary is just to use one more gasket when there is an opportunity to remove the following muffler if it is two pieces, it is quite convenient.
      Is it said that he buys two sets collectively?

      [Buying motive] In exchanging the muffler of LittleCub ('05), it purchases.
      The [goods items] It is the unusual gasket which a fiber like glass wool also attaches by a two-piece set as - photograph.
      - not only a little cab but the monkey / cub -- as for a system, although a gasket uses only one piece in the case of muffler exchange, it is convenient that there are two pieces as an object for muffler return.
      - since about 200 yen will seemingly be carried out again although there is also an original manufacturer's product of one-piece sale -- this product of entering two piece for 315 yen -- or [ virtue ]! [ in addition to this, a liquid gasket also forgets in the case of] and muffler exchange -- there is nothing.
      My regular use it is KITACO:kitaco TB1215 liquid-gasket product number. : It is 969-0500100.
      [Grading of goods] It is as above-mentioned. Is it a place as 5*?

      It is an ordinarily easy-to-use gasket.
      It has it ready the sake [ when you would like for a price to be also cheap and to have come to carry out muffler exchange ].

      Five years ago, since the hole was vacant to the muffler of the cub 90, it exchanged for the used muffler by itself.
      It is not interested in a motorcycle and did not know even existence of a gasket those days.
      For the reason, the tip of the right shoes becomes black after exchange, and it thinks that connection of an engine and a muffler is sweet, and refastens repeatedly.
      However, by the gasoline jump last year, although it was 26-year Saki's cub, the fuel-efficient cub was ridden carefully, study was begun in order to lengthen fuel consumption, and existence of a gasket was got to know.
      And when it exchanged five years ago, it remembered that the tip of the joint bolt came to have jumped out greatly, and was ashamed of not having attached the gasket.
      Although sound did not change, it is hoped that a gas leak may stop.
      Since a mailing cost starts, it is relatively cheap if it purchases together with other goods.

      I think that cost performance may be excellent.
      The exhaust leakage from a head was lost.
      It attaches, and I think that it is good rather than there is nothing.

      Since the engine needed to be taken down at the time of the restore of the cub 70, it purchases.
      It corresponded also to cub 70 head of 6v.
      Although exhaust leakage was started once, I regard this as my lack of skill being the cause.
      In addition, this trouble was a level immediately solvable according to combined use of an liquid gasket.
      Although I think that this product is common as quality, entering two piece is large above all.
      The benefit of being in two various scenes, such as the time of - muffler re-attachment and detachment and future muffler exchange, at the time of failure can be received.
      It is large that it can be thought that there is still the back even if it fails especially.
      Moreover, I wish to purchase, when EX gasket is needed.

      It purchased together with the OUTEX Muffler. ~ to attach early.

      A Size is also perfect for and exhaust leakage is also nothing.


      When exchanging the Muffler of a MONKEY, or tampering with an Engine and exchanging Muffler gaskets, it is always this product. It is touch called a time-tested product.

      A Cost performance is good. There is also no
      exhaust leakage and it is safe.

      [Webike Monitor] For entering

      two piece, I have for having as a reserve and think that an oar was pulled. Not only in the time of
      Muffler exchange, I will exchange periodically!

      Worries about a gas leak are farewell~♪ now.

      Since it is cheap, whenever he removes a Muffler, he is exchanging for the new article.

      When it exchanges for the Full-exhaust Muffler of a Up type the other day, it exchanges collectively.
      Since I often exchange Mufflers in feeling, I have purchased a lot in reserve. Since exhaust leakage etc. will occur if Gasket exchange is neglected in the case of
      Muffler exchange, you certainly need to exchange Gaskets. Since it is a pure equivalent device although it is
      engine performance, it is safe.

      Since the Head currently used called it the KITACO, it decided to use the Gasket of a KITACO. It has equipped without the Gasket's having fallen and being irritated, since the
      Size was also inserted in exactly well.

      They are parts certainly required for Muffler exchange. Since it is a portion in connection with safety although it is
      consumable goods, it is cheap, but the thing made from a KITACO which has high reliability is used. If it equips exactly also about a using feeling, a problem like exhaust leakage will not arise at all, either. Although it is better if it can do and can purchase not with a two-piece Set but with a Rose since one piece is enough in the case of
      , however a CUB ...

      Although it considered and depended and was thin, it is safe at strong structure. Since it is entering
      two piece, it is profitable.

      Since the Gasket tattered on the occasion of Muffler exchange, it exchanged. Although it is not a thing exchanged at the beginning of
      , since it is entering two sheet at this price, there is a
      profitable feeling.

      It purchased at the time of Muffler exchange of a FYM Buggy.
      > Muffler processing was carried out, and two Gaskets were used, having piled them up. He has no
      > exhaust leakage. Since it is a KITACO, it is relieved. Since it is
      > consumable goods, let's exchange. It is recommended.