【ACTIVE】Fender Eliminator Kit

    • Evaluation:

      It was a product as expected.

      • Contributors: Japan User(translated)
      • Published on: 2018-11-26 15:54:41
      There are several Fender Eliminators of H2SXSE, but in my case Fitting, Number and Blinker interfere with Fender Eliminator in connection with wearing the GIVI Top case, so existing products are irritating right…
      Since it was made ACTIVE made at the time of 14R, I purchased it because I got out waiting for commercialization from ACTIVE.

      The fitting feeling is as expected, Blinker changed to Slim type, so GIVIFitting did not interfere Limit and was satisfying Large.

      In the manual "OEMPannier impossible" Is there a ...
      If it really can not be installed it may be better to include it in webike's item description.
      I am irresponsible as Pannier pear.


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      Other reviews

      I fitted an R&G eliminator that cost me over $200 and although it fitted ok, it was essentially just a set of two flat plates that had no cover for electricals. So I had to tape up all of the wiring and was very untidy. The worst was yet to come as the flat plates vibrated terribly. Never happy with the set up!! So I decided to try the Active Tail Tidy. Besides getting instructions in only Japanese, the pictures helped a little and the kit fitted really well and it protects and neatly hides all of wiring, (that took me over 30min to strip off the special waterproof tape I used for the R&G kit). Additionally, the R&G kit had different connectors so I had to cut off the bikes original tail light connector, and guess what... the Active kit had the correct connector!!! So it was a shame that I cut off the original as now I’ve got shitty connectors to fit a great kit. I found that the panniers are now touching the indicators, but I’m going to have a go at bending the side plates slightly forward that should fix this issue easily enough. Stay away from an R$G and get an Active kit !!!

      Instructions in Japanese only, but the pics were enough to get by. Probably easier since I already fitted an R&G Tail Tidy that was s shocker in terms of leaving all of the wiring exposed and vibrated uncontrollably due to the single flat plate design. Don’t get an R&G for your H2 SX or SX SE!! The Active eliminator is so so much better. And has a proper plug for the number plate light...shame I cut mine off to fit the R&G eliminator!!! This product fits well, looks great and doesn’t vibrate!!!