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Two striking full size 50cc sports now even rare.Crankcase lead reaching maturity The water-cooled two-stroke single cylinder engine of the intake mark adopts the air injection system and marks 7.2 PS of the top class while clearing the exhaust gas regulation.A seat with a stopper in a long tank that scooped the knee portion, the style of the rear cantilever type mono shock reminiscent of a former commercial racer.In this minor change, we attached a recycling mark in line with voluntary recycling efforts of motorcycles, and accompanying that, the price increased by 2,000 yen.In coloring, a new color black is added on behalf of white, and continuing blue also changes the design of the strobe line.Black car also has front fork outer, swing arm, head light ring also black finish.As for the blue car, the front fork outer and the swing arm are silver and the head light ring is plated finish as usual.

Engine Capacity 49
Max. Output 7.2ps(5.3kw)/10000rpm
Max. Touque 0.6kg・m(5.9N・m)/8000rpm
Weight 90kg
Fuel Tank Capasity 10Liter

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ตัวสินค้าดี โซ่ตัวนี้มี o-ring ช่วยเก็บน้ำมันเหมาะกับคนที่ต้องการใช้โซ่ที่ทนมีอายุการใช้งานที่ยาวนาน

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The pads have to be ridden in, ( by pressing the front brake while the bike's pulling) they don't make unwanted noises and for the price, you can't say anything. I can only reckon these pads.

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