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It is the SUZUKI's first full-scale twin sports model that mounted a 90-degrees V-shaped 2-cylinder engine with a semi gear driven cam on the original aluminum semi-truss frame. The export model full power spec scored 125PS.

Engine Capacity 995
Max. Output 93ps(68kw)/8500rpm
Max. Touque 8.8kg・m(86.3N・m)/7000rpm
Weight 211kg
Fuel Tank Capasity 17Liter


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It attaches above all and safe.
This No. 1

Blue color of Anodized is gathered up as Accent in the whole of BlackBase.
I use it together with MASTERSinterCap of the same series

I was looking for a smart holder that can adjust the angle.
This product is useful because it can fine adjust the angle and direction.
Fixed securely, as it also has a lock function
I do not feel like my cell phone will fall.
I think that it is a safe product.

Since Z125PRO SE is only Black when viewed from the top, I chose Blue's Color.
It is good feeling that Color is Accent ♪

Z125 PRO with Endurance Rear carrier, 30? Top Case (K-MAX) I'm attaching.
It was Exactly with this Size Cover.
Both Front and Rear have a hole through which Chain lock passes, which is useful..
Belt for flapping prevention comes with 1 pc.
I think that it is good to purchase additional Belt when it is worrisome to look at the situation.

Carrier is a practical surface with a loading capacity of 6 kg, Box is not well understood, so I chose to be Set.
It was installed in an hour and a half with a tool at home.
Carrier had an Instruction Manual with a photograph, but there was no instruction manual of how to install the base part of Box.
Box inside is not Flat. I tried putting PetitPetit.

Especially it can be used without problems, but the attached Bolt is looking emphatically or the diameter of the bearing surface is small Small anxiety.
Although it may be individual differences, because the Caliper Center is Gap, I am adjusting the Shim and using it.

Response is bad, Torque feeling also does not have high revolution I wanted to buy it.
Because it is an air-cooled single cylinder, it can be exchanged without using a lot of tools, but I think that it is difficult to understand a bit with the instruction manual alone. I think that you can do it easily if you are an experienced.
For assembly, it is necessary to create a gold tool to be used for stopping the rotation of Camshaft Chain Tensioner, but you can make it easily if there is only a material. By the way, Bulker was within the standard value even without adjustment.

Impression after exchange was improved with Response, Torque feeling, it became a natural feeling that I thought this was the original fee Ring. By the way, Air Filter, Exhaust System has been exchanged.