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Mini motard based on the entrance enduro machine KLX 110.The engine mounted on the pipe backbone frame without the under loop adopts the bottom neutral 4 speed mission of the automatic centrifugal clutch which is an air-cooled single cylinder of an OHC 2 valve head which does not require clutch operation.Swing arm with stabilizer on 30 φ inverted fork, monoches shock, front and rear 12 inch tubeless tire of road pattern, front and rear disc brake, and full of foot around.The seat can be detached by key operation, and the tool kit and MF battery are contained under the seat.It has already finished production and was color changed to a new graphic black as the final color.The price is up to 272,000 yen including tax.

Engine Capacity 111
Max. Output 8.4ps(6.2kw)/8500rpm
Max. Touque 0.83kg・m(8.1N・m)/6500rpm
Weight 92kg
Fuel Tank Capasity 7.3Liter


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Nice quality and package. The bar doesn't come with clamp. Therefor, I had to buy the clamp separately.

สะดวก รวดเร็ว สินค้ามีคุณภาพ บางสินค้ามาไว ไม่ต้องรอนาน หากสินค้าไหนนานจะมีทีมแอดมินโทรแจ้งสถานะสินค้าให้ทราบ ตอบไวมากค่ะ

This is WAY cheaper than Kitaco's. Thanks to Webike discount system. The quality is good and this is a universal product, meaning you can use it with lots of models.

ได้รับสินค้าครบถ้วน ตรงเวลา ไม่มีปันหาใดๆในการจัดส่ง ของใช้ได้ปรกติดี