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For each item available at Webike Thailand, the retail price displayed is in Thai Baht. The item price does not include shipping charges. Please make sure to place your order online. Before you complete your order, you will be able to see the order details including the shipping charges.
Other currencies
For your reference, we also display the item price in other currencies. It is calculated at the exchange rate of the day.
* The exchange rate may differ from the actual rate.
* We issue a coupon which may say "certain percentage off" for designated brands or products. This will not change the value of the product such will not be deducted from each product on the invoice, but will deduct from "subtotal(add up of total price of items and possibly shipping fee)". This discount price is will not change the value of paid price, but will compensate by Webike Thailand. Please note that you may be asked to pay for tax or necessary charge against the price of the products that are not discounted.
* If you are receiving your product outside of Japan, you may be required to pay import duties and taxes at the time of delivery in each customer's country of residence. These and any additional charges for customs clearance are your responsibility. In that case, applicable fees and taxes are to be paid by the addressee.
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Search for products by inputting the Key Words such like the Brand/Product name or Motorcycle Manufacturer/Model which adapts them, then the corresponding products will be displayed.
By specifying more detailed conditions for searching, you can narrow down the corresponding products. You can search for products from the Keywords/Brands/Price Range section.
You can look for products by searching for your own motorcycle. The corresponding products will be displayed by Manufacturer/Displacement/Motorcycle Model.
When the products are already determined, you can search for them by the brand name. The brand name is displayed in alphabetical order. Choosing either of them, the corresponding products will be displayed.
You can search for the products from the Custom Parts category. Choosing either of them, the corresponding products will be displayed.
You can search for the products from the Accessories Category. Choosing either of them, the corresponding products will be displayed.
When you can't locate a product or you would like to get more information about a specific product, please e-mail us at
Webike list what Webike have in stock and what the manufacture/distributor have for certain product.
Estimated date of shipping and availability in Webike is described as below:

Status Condition
In stock at Webike Webike have the item in their stock
In stock at manufacturers Webike do not have the item in stock, but the manufacture or our distributor do have it in stock.

    * This chart above applies only for specific item. If you place an order with other item(s) which we don't know it's remaining stock information, your order will be shipped after all of your purchased items arrive at Webike's warehouse.
Details of items displayed on our website are automatically translated from Japanese to English by machine.
The translation may not be correct, but please understand that we do our best to prepare and maintain the data so that it will be more accurate. We strongly suggest the purchaser to check manufacture's website for accurate information or contact us for more information about the product at
Most of the manuals and instructions attached to an item you buy are written in Japanese. Please understand that we can only provide what is included with the item.
The products handled by Webike Thailand are attached with the "Write a Review" button. Please write a review for the products that you have bought through Webike Thailand or you have ever used. We are pleased to read any reviews both good and bad about products that you have bought on Webike Thailand or any other store.
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Please write a review only about the product. The question about the product can be asked through contact us page.
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