Shopping at Webike Japan will be explained in the following steps.
step1 | Serching for products Step2 | Your Shopping Cart Step3 | Order Details Step4 | Checkout Step5 | Payment Step6 | Order Completion
There are various ways to search for parts at Webike Japan. Please search to your liking.
step1 | Searching for Products

In your search results,you can also search for products by category in the Category section located on the left side of the page.
step1 | Searching for Products
After you have selected your desired product, click the [Add to cart] button located on the product page, then proceed to your shopping cart.
* Please note that some products require you to choose a specific size, color or types.
Step2 | Your Shopping Cart
Continue Shopping
After you have selected the item and would like to continue shopping, please follow the directions from Step 1.
Change the Quantity
If you would like to change the quantity of an item, you may do so here.
To continue with your order
If the contents of your order are correct, please click the [PAY NOW] button on the page, then please continue to the customer information on input screen.
Step2 | Your Shopping Cart
* It is required that you have an webike account to place an order. If the checkout indication does not appear, you can sign in to your webike account by clicking the [SIGN IN] button or create a new account by clicking the [CREATE] button located in the CHECKOUT section under your order details.
Step3 | Order Details

If you have a coupon code, please enter it in the Discount Code's [Coupon Code] box.
If you have Webike Points that you would like to use, please check the box in the [Redeem Webike Points] and select the option you desire.
Step5 | Payment

There is also a [Input Order Remarks] form at the bottom.
If you are asked to put Quotation number or Contact Us number when you place an order by our staff on your inquiry, please enter it here.
Step5 | Payment
Please select the option you would like to use.
Step5 | Payment
For customers paying by PayPal
Please login to the PayPal account you will be using. You will also be able to create PayPal account from this screen.
Step5 | Payment
If your account information is correct, please click the [Agree and Continue] button.
Step5 | Payment
Please confirm if your order information is correct.
If it is okay, please click the [PLACE ORDER] button.
Step5 | Payment
For customers paying by credit card
Please enter the delivery address and your credit card information.
Step5 | Payment
If you fill out all the information required, please click the [PLACE ORDER] button at the bottom.
Step5 | Payment
Your order has been complete
After we receive your order, we will be sending you an e-mail titled [Order Confirmation No: ****]
If you have any questions regarding your order, please reference this order confirmation number.

E-mail regarding your completed order
After your order has been processed, you will be receiving an e-mail titled, [Web!ke] confirmation of your order g000000*****

Shipping of your completed order
Once your order has been shipped, you will be receiving an e-mail titled [Web!ke] completion of your order being sent out g000000*****

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