• OEM Parts Inquiry Buy System Operation Description

What is the OEM parts?

  • Genuine Parts (OEM) is the parts of motorycle manufacturer produce to support user who is lack of parts for their bike and manufacturer support them by more than thoundsand of parts.Motorycle manufacturer concern on user seeking parts, they set parts code to indicate for each product and release motorycle diagram with code publish on parts list for each motorcycle model.
    Parts code is the important thing of OEM parts query purchase because of many parts manufacturer produce they have to use parts code index for indicate which parts user is willing to query for reliable and correct and bring your bike better with high potential parts.
    ※ Parts code pattern is depending on motorycle manufacturer set the alphabet, numeric, dash or another sign is indicate for which code refer to each parts.

Which manufacturers are currently available for purchase?

Webike Thailand OEM parts query purchase system operation process

  • Factory parts shopping process

Import OEM parts query operation steps

  • 1.1. Find OEM Parts Number.
    Parts list are recommended to be purchased for HONDA and SUZUKI OEM parts.
    Please, click the below to shop partslist.
    HONDA Partlist
    SUZUKI Partlist

    *Partslist of the model you look for isn't listed?
    You can quote partlist by "Non-Listed Item Quotation".
    Non-Listed Item Quotation

    You can search for the parts number of YAMAHA and KAWASAKI from their offiical page.
    The movies below shows how to find parts number on their website.

    YAMAHA Motor Co.,LTD

    Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan

    Find OEM Parts Number.

    Search and find a parts number of your demanding parts from parts list.
    (e.g 4th item from the top of the list. The parts number pf the parts is 22110-GBC-000.)
    1.2. Quote parts and Confirm your request.
    Please go to quotation form and select the motorcycle manufacture you whish to purchase OEM parts. You can enter OEM parts number and quantity.
    (*You can not quote for multiple brand at the same time, but you can add everything into the shopping cart at once when placing an order.)
    Add Quotation Form

    Confirm your request:

    After you have entered the parts number and check the quantity, press "Confirm" at the bottom of the page.
    (*If you haven't signed in, you'll be requested to sign in the next page.)
    1.3. Confirm what you have entered.
    If there aren't any problem in parts number and quantities, press "Submit" button.
    1.4. Complete in requesting quotation.
    You will see your quotation number on the screen.
    You will be able to see the quotation status or other quotation from
    Quotation list.
    2.1. Confirm "Quotation list" and put the item(s) into the cart.
    Open "Quotation list". The quotation which as the result will have the link on it's quotation number.
    Click on the quotation number, you will be able to see the result.
    3.1. Confirm the item(s) in the cart and place an order.
    Confirm the item(s) in the cart. If you wish to purchase some other items, simply add them all in one cart and and proceed.