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ฝาครอบถังน้ำมัน agras w800 ตรงรุ่นวัสดุสวยงามมากครับติดตั้งง่ายมากเป็นอีกชิ้นที่ผมชอบมากชิ้นนึงเลยครับ

สินค้าได้มาตรฐาน น่าเชื่อถือ ติดตั้งง่ายในรถหลายรุ่น

DUCATI purchased with the new car: Although it was a street fighter, a fluid leak occurs about two weeks after the master cylinder by the side of a clutch.
Although I had you exchange by Mr. Dealer, of course, a recurrence is anxious too.
Although it is goods of Mr. brembo under the sun, changing is slightly wasteful, but necessity knows no law.
It introduced by the reason for saying.
Naturally exchange is bolton.
Preeminent for a feeling of possession, since it is a place which certainly goes into eyes into riding.
It is aluminum shaving and a thing high grade feeling is the presence which is not in the thing of very much others.
Although color chose the white this time, silver is the touch which became somewhat whitish.
It is the kana which some mischiefs can prevent since the attached thing is HEX although the screw which has clung was + type!? A detailed report is a diary DOZOhttp://imp.webike.net/commu/diary/0032830/

It OKs with one finger.

It purchased for the purpose of the dress-up up.
Since attachment only removes one bolt which has stopped the brake lever, it is very easy.
As for the attached comment, the circumference of a handle becomes a beauty!! Since it is fairly high when the back falls and a master cylinder breaks, it is safe if this is attached ^^

POSH: It united with the gold of master cylinder stay, simultaneous purchase, and a wheel.
The motorcycle has equipped '09VTR250 with the master cylinder of NSR250.
Attaching early enjoys itself and it is 笙ェ.
Probably, it looks to advantage! .
It is not dared to stick an attached sticker so that gold may look to advantage.

Since the shake-up of the brake relations was carried out although the nisshin semi-radial was used, dissatisfaction with the part assigned to one is felt, and it gives radial one in exchange.