SSK offers mainly exterior parts like aluminum billet parts, screen and so on. Also they offer dry carbon parts as well. Those valuable parts are sometimes difficult to get. SSK offers those parts reasonably priced.

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长型泥档可以减少很多甩泥,碳纤维亮壳增加颜值,尺寸方面我的稍微有点问题(螺丝孔位不是很准 需要施点力才能安装)不过总体还是很满意的 The long mud baffle can reduce a lot of mud rejection, the carbon fiber bright shell looks very good , and I have a little problem with the size (the screw hole position is not very accurate, so I need to apply a little force to install it), but I'm very satisfied overall

I bought it because I wanted to unify the body with Black.
When installing, it is a bit of a hassle if you check with yourself where the upper side of footpeg is.
As the tip is sharp, depending on the position of the Helmet lock it may hurt the Helmet.
Design is good.

The Instruction Manual says things like Large,
Rear's Master cylinder cap is Bolt
Since there is no SS, the Normal cap is loosened and SSKCap
Just change it to! It's done in tens of seconds of things.
It's awkward place, but Custom feeling is high and very
I like it..

I purchased it as Attachment's One point. Color is also patchy? When attaching it, apply soapy water to the O - ring and it will fit comfortably.

Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was impossible to install it when the overlapping part of it was in purchase.
We fixed it with Aluminum Bolt and Nut, while shaping shape by scraping with file.

Small processing is necessary for installation, but Material : Carbon Style is more beautiful than some FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer's.

It is necessary to install Aluminum spacer and Small machining for stoppering for installation,
Firmly Material : Expensive Fender of FOR JAPAN MODEL Manufacturer with Carbon Style
It is made more beautiful.

Because the installation is not hard and it is solid
It seems to work firmly as a vibration countermeasure slider.

And it is quite large.
I can not recommend it for people who frequently pass through Tight.

There is a sense of luxury, but the price is high.
I was glad when I got some more fellows.
But it is a satisfactory dish.

I think that mounting accuracy, quality, texture is also good. It is thicker than I thought so it is very solid.
OEM Material : Aluminum is light but thin but it is enough to bend when pushed by hand.
Customization parts of SSK can be trusted, so it is worthwhile to customize.