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I was looking for something higher than the Handlebar of ZParts and I saw a height of 75 mm and bought it
But the height of ZParts was Pipe 's Center measurement, SSIto the measurement of total height, there was almost no difference between the two heights
The shape seems to be subtly different from the shape, but after all it is used as a substitute for ZParts's Handlebar which has been bent so that it critically becomes critical as it stood at a standstill

Because the adhesive strength is weak, in the slender Tank like Ducati 916 the R of the pasted part is tight and the edge will float. Jacket got caught in the floating place, soon after running for a day it became quite frustrating. It is a product that selects the shape of Tank.

I attached it to FCR Carburetor Body of Vmax 1200. I was Torque up with FCR Carburetor Body, but I thought that LongFunnel would be more likely to match because the standard Funnel of FCR Carburetor Body is 50 mm, Normal of Vmax is inside Air Box or 100 mm or more. However, FCR Carburetor Body is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) LongFunnel seemed to interfere with Frame so I gave up halfway, but I found this item by Wes Big Parts search.
Although I was hesitating for a while because it was not a cheap one, I decided to purchase with a size of 70 mm and made by Delrin and processability is also good.
The product I arrived was exactly what I had troubles with Cut-out and the finish was very beautiful.
Again the two of Rear bank slightly interfere with the Frame, but you do not need to shave the Large huge, it was easy to cut with Belt sander. In the case of Vmax it is almost hidden, but I also like the white white color.
FCR Carburetor Body was further torque damaged and the sound became slightly thicker. When traveling through the streets, it runs slowly at 4th speed, 5th speed fixed, cheap, and you can get to Easy as soon as you are in a rapid opening from there. It is only 20 mm difference, but I understood clearly the effect. Although the real high revolution range has not been confirmed yet, it is good with the feeling that it turns around at once in a smooth momentum Torque at a single shot acceleration check. I tried to buy but I am satisfied with Large.

Texture - COSPA - Design is satisfactory, but it seems to be weak adhesive strength due to a fundamental problem.
Although the base was degreased and pasted, if it keeps overnight, it curls up even from the tip part of the plane anyhow it is a curved part. Even if you close it using Dryer, the next day .... I'm sorry.

It is a place I do not change so much, but it will be very cool if I change it. NORMAL Silver has no shininess, but it is good to have colors in Beauty. If you are going to customize various places, I think that it is good to change here.

Shape, creation etc. I am satisfied with the completeness of the product.
However, in my case it was a product that would require processing on the Frame side.
In the manual, Normal change pedal Although explanation is given to boss off, if you do not cut the boss itself, you can not match Change Pedal to the position you thought. It shaved about 7 mm..
Also, if you match Change Pedal to a position you did not cut Boss Body, Side Stand (Raised state) It interferes with, and the change pedal is at an angle too low, and in my case it was impossible to shift shift.
Personally, it is what I wanted to know before purchasing.
For example, I wish I had a description like the one below.
[Description example]
(1) There is a case that needs processing on the Frame side. Where is the processing place ...?
(2) Banjo, Pressure sensor - please prepare ... or (MASTER is attached)
(3) Schematic drawing (photo etc etc). Please refer to ... or
After all, it is the feeling that you have found the necessary parts after starting installation.
By the way, about Position is not 5 Position. It was a 1-position. Is the explanation old?
I would like to have accurate information.
Basically if you are selling for general users, I think that it is not necessary information.

Purchased by being attracted to the price. Size, thickness, adhesion and price I think that it was made with Well. (I think that some people seem to be appropriate) Both functions and Dress-up are satisfied!

It is quiet, but the heavy bass sounds good even when Idling.
Accelerate and get on Speed ??to a certain extent the sound is almost the same as OEMExhaust System.
Acceleration starts from low to medium speed considerably.
Scooter's OEMExhaust System is so quiet that cars, bicycles, pedestrians etc.. Appeal this existence to you, and it is recommended for those who are looking for things that are not too noisy.