POWERAGE mainly uses GORE-TEX (R) or other high techology materials to keep the riders comfortable even during severe weather, like rain or wind, and adds its own world view taste to their products. They offer original riding gear products which you have never seen before

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Over Pants I wore a lot of changes but this over Pants is straight

It is a metabolic body of height 169 cm, weight 76 kg, ordered XL
There was room to wear Inner 2 sheets except neck is somewhat painful.
I ran a freeway with a temperature of less than 10 ° C, but I could comfortably travel without feeling any invasion of the wind at all. There was feeling that cool air entered from cuffs, but it would not be a problem if you covered Gloves
Desorption of Inner is somewhat troublesome, but it is good because it does not twist inside.

It will be an impression that I purchased it last year and worn for 1 year.

good point :
Design has no sense of Motorcycle Jacket, so you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable at the tourist destination Touring destination.
We can wear fur and Inner, so we are wearing it from autumn to spring.
The inside of Inner is brushed and it is very warm, and if you stand a collar it is warm so that Neck warmer is not needed if it is winter day.
I think that it is better to choose 1 Size Large texture than usual because Inner is thick.
I am usually L Size, but I was just right with Size XL.

A bad point :
Because it can not be fixed unless the collar is in a standing position, the collar will flap on the highway.
To earn the Protector's thickness of the shoulder, the Inner's shoulder part is thinning, and when running for a long time in winter, I felt cold air from the shoulder.
The Fastener on the front is made of Gold genus and a fine scratch has been attached to the Tank of Motorcycle.
Particular attention is required for Motorcycle which is inclined forward such as SS and Tourer.

If you are a motorcycle that does not lean forward, such as American, Dual Par Pass, Off-road car etc, you can recommend it.

I want to wear Denim like a casual clothes, everyday wearing, but I want Protector. At an affordable price.
To that person surely "buying".

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Casual look.
It is the longest in the same price range, Quantity around the belly : Pair (for Left and Right) Not uniform.
Protector can be installed. It can be attached if put in a bag and even if it meets the shape regardless of the manufacturer for mounting.

【How was it actually used?】
I want a little more length. Windproof performance is inferior to comparative products. On the other hand, it can be used without problem even in the summer.
Protector which was Level which becomes uneasy whether it can not come off used nearly for half a year It has surely been safe since it has never been removed

【Fit feeling and height when wearing ? Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) 】
180 cm Hey. 60 kg a bit.
Antonly with 30 Inch, split both length and Exactly.
However, because it is Exactly in the state where the length of the hem stands up, socks are slightly squeezed at the time of riding.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Protector (Especially the knee) About wearing a bag.
You can adjust the position Button and Rubber Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Just because it only clicks, it was hard to use until Protector got disengaged without worrying about anything and turned to the back of the foot and accustomed to it.
Comparative products are sewn on the knee side, you can put on without thinking anything.

【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
I want a bit more hem length.
I want the Protector bag of the knee sewn to the front.

【Have you compared items?】
ROUGH&ROAD Wind Guard Denim Pants
This is because the belly circumference and the crotch are linked and it is difficult to handle.
Even with the same 30 Inch, the powerage makes it Tight

Although it has the drawback of Protector,. And if it applies to the description at the beginning, it seems good to try on the real store and buy it. Because it is really slender.

It is a fact that the head and chest become fatal, so it is decided that Protector should be attached to every part.
However, even if you purchase a good Pad, the size of PadPocket in each Manufacturer is slightly different, so it is not possible to use the same Pad for everything.
In other words, it is not necessarily true that all of the Inner protector's VERSION is good.
Recent Jacket has Pad which was Standard Equipment, Elbow like Leather Jean ? There are times when an external pad is attached to a shoulder etc. In that case, Inner protector becomes tough in Just size.
However, if you raise One size, in particular leather jeans looks strange.

I wanted to stick to the appearance and wanted to stick to safety as it was, I found this product.
Not too thick, shock absorption is good, comfortable to wear, Just size leather jeans are also palpable.
Although it seems that Hard Type seems to be better, it seems that the safety is quite high in the Soft Type.

2018-2019 Winter Buy MODEL immediately!
I regretted missing Timing that I bought last year and because popular items tend to be sold out soon, I will not consider new products of other manufacturers immediately.
Winter performance etc.. Although I thought that there were no problems in reading various reviews on the functional aspect of the function, the only thing that is worrisome is the sense of Size. Because I feel that Power age is a lot of making Tight, I decided to try on N-3B arrival early in the stock shop.
168cm, 70kg yourself, Uniqlo usually L Size. It is cold, it is hard to get over mountains by commuting every day, factions pretty much getting in. L Size wearing only in the state of T-Shirt is exactly good, there is reasonable margin. I thought that it was decided, but just to be sure to wear the Fleece that I brought in for sure. It's nice, but ~ ~ ~, I feel a bit stiff from the shoulder to the arm (It is almost the same as the impression that "When overlapping Inner becomes cramped" by Mr. WB Ninomiya's movie). Then I tried on Size XL with Fleece clothes, but the feeling of bracing was softened and it felt good. The length of the sleeve does not change and it does not seem to be different whether it looks how it looks.
I purchased Size XL in the trend. (As a result I will not buy it at the shop ,,, I will buy something next time)
Thin in winter Large durable person is usually Size, one who thinks to wear firmly is one size up, it is my opinion. FYI.

Also, the point to worry about detachable Inner.
I feel it catches if the brushed inside the fuselage is Fleece. I'm considering buying it as a Suvave material like Uniqlo's Ultra lightDown.
shoulder ? I think that batting is omitted in the part in contact with elbow Pad, probably because it is to suppress the thickness when it is combined with Outer, but is it only cold here?.. Although it is a well thought-up making, it is not used for detaching alone as in Inner of KUSHITANI or Thailand.

Since Rain jacket for Motorcycle used for many years was called to Heaven, Rain Wear of Gore-Tex for mountaineering was shared with Motorcycle, but we still decided to purchase because there is impossibility.
I also used to run like a medium high speed typhoon, but Waterproof performance is complaint. Early water repellent is also quite. Breathable enough. But the biggest Uri in the Large design is SMART smart design. This is the one and only one compared with products of other companies.
But because of its design Size feeling is Tight Neck. We are 179? 68? Is a percent slender person, but it feels slightly tight at XL (For Rain jacket, it is). In the winter, it seems difficult to get inside. And the size of arrangement is decky. heavy. Because it may rain, it is unsuitable for use like being always under Seat or Side Back..
Although it can be recommended to those who can distinguish CompactRain Wear of other company's products or Design top priority person without complaint, it is honest impression that it is a little stress to follow all Motorcycle life with kore wearing one.. I think that there is price competitiveness but I think that it is a product that picks people.

I purchased a different color Gloves this year as well last year. The deciding factor is Fit feeling and touch when you put it in your hands Knuckle is a solid reinforcing fiber without plastic Plastic, it is very airy and does not steak It is the perfect Gloves for Touring. I am 176 cm tall but my gloves are L, not LL. Any Manufacturer is Exactly at this size even if it's somewhat oddly in the gloves Oversized feeling without feeling. I like the tight fitting Fit because the glove trial period is spring and summer in about a year. Winter is L Size, but it is slightly bigger than summer so it's durable for 2 to 3 years Large trial period.