Alpinestars is a Motorcycle Gear manufacturer in Italy. They support world-class racers positively. Admitted as an innovative brand which shows functionality and durability, comfort to wear and protective function

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alpinestars's new product

alpinestars's product reviews

Purchasing new Boots for the first time in several years because XPT's Racing boots are gone

The good points are good looking and comfortable to wear, the inside has reasonable softness.

Taking a long time, walking does not make me feel at all.

I can not find any bad points. Price is not expensive in the middle and price suitable Boots.

There seems to be a lining and a waterproof Film in the inside of the Material of the table, it is quite thick and daunting. Thanks to the protection performance I think it is good to grasp the Grip Even getting tired using grip strength quite a bit. If Just size it will be the resistance when the Protector part of the instep grasps the hand, so it might be better to choose Choi Large texture.

I thought of buying Dainese 's DYNO PRO D1, but I am giving up thinking that the width is too narrow to fit my feet. elf or other Manufacturer was also too wide or slightly bad Fit feeling but this is Just fit! There is also Faster 2 in the same style but this is too soft and it is ok to walk but the toes hurt by Change operation It seems to be going down and I'm uncomfortable with foot protection. On that point SP-1 has solid firmness in the toes, heels, ankle parts, and the sense of security is different. Easy with shoelaces with One - touch Buckle and Velcro Strap. I liked that I might not have any more Shoe in my life.

I prefer Black to the photograph rather than the dark blue color ~ I do not mind because it is fine for Black, but I do not recommend it for those who think that the navy color is good

Alpinestars bought a lot in the past but this time the color was different than I thought.
I missed the color if I had chosen by price q

Gloves, "Mesh thin for summer" "For winter" "Punching mesh for late spring, early autumn" And the season ? I use it separately to the temperature.
This product, early spring ? It is a bit cold in late autumn but for winter Gloves is still early, for example when going to northeast touring from September to October. The injury of Gloves being used became intense, so I changed it to this product.

First alpinestars, I ordered L Size after checking Size feeling at shop front. When it is M it is obviously finger tight when you grasp it briefly so Pass. L is a little more fingertips, "Fit feeling" I dropped a star, but this is my finger somewhat short?. There is nothing wrong with practical use.

I use it in Touring. Even though it was soft leather, it was solid and it got in my hand as soon as I started using it. Protection given here and there has a sense of security.
I feel it is ideal for Touring in the Kanto area from October to November.

It is a commodity commensurate with the price.

It is a beautiful accessory albeit an expensive one. The problem is, unlike the large version which has the bolt holes spaced with one higher than the other to make the cover sit straignt on the bike, the small cover doesn't do this so when it is installed it looks crooked. Not a huge problem unless you really care about looks.

【Size purchased】
27. Purchase 5
【Size of shoes I usually wear】
26. 0 or 26. 5
【Fit feeling of goods】
I write other people, but making is slim. Because the instep of the foot is high
Dare to buy 2 Size Large Yu Size. I wanted to relax a bit a bit, so the result was just right.
Making, Design is Large Changing Satisfaction. Summer's Boots were hot and Large strange but this is cool and cool through. I got better without taking off my shoes whenever I took a break. Walking will not bother me.