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Здравствуйте.Сегодня установил приобретённую мною титановую защиту перьев передней вилки от пыли и грязи,так-же она хорошо защищает рабочий ход перьев вилки от насекомых.Титан очень лёгкий материал.Установка очень быстрая и простая,потребовался один шестигранник и один гаечный ключ.До этого на сайте WEBIKE,я приобрёл комплект титановых накладок на радиатор и комплект накладок на стаканы передней вилки,в комплексе все эти комплекты смотрятся очень изящно и придают мотоциклу особую индивидуальность. Hello. Today I installed the titanium protection of the front fork feathers that I purchased from dust and dirt, it also protects the working stroke of the feathers of the fork from insects. Titanium is a very lightweight material. Installation is very quick and simple, it took one hexagon and one wrench. Before that on the WEBIKE website, I purchased a set of titanium pads on the radiator and a set of pads on the glasses of the front fork, in the complex all these sets look very elegant and give the motorcycle a special personality. translated by google translate

Easy install, tons of videos online to walk through it. Pair this with a direct shifter, performs much better and engine internals will be safe if shifter bends/breaks.

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Craftsmanship is excellent. Aluminum milling is precise, and anodizing is well done. The spacers are also aluminum (anodized black). Installation was easy on a 2014 Grom, but I did have one minor problem with tool clearance. K-Factory used allen bolts instead of regular socket head bolts. On my 2014 Grom, the rearset did not provide enough clearance for my allen socket head (see bottom right picture). I would have needed to remove the rearset, and I did not want to go through that trouble. I had to use a small L-shaped 5mm allen key to tighten the right bolt, which meant I had to estimate the torque by hand. The 2017 Grom (or 2016 MSX125) has a different rearset design, which may provide more clearance. K-Factory should have incorporated regular bolts, which would have eliminated this problem, but this is a minor complaint. Instructions are in Japanese only, but installation is simple and there are a few videos on youtube regarding a similar product, so this was not a problem. Shifting, especially finding neutral, is definitely made more precise with the support. I am very happy with this product.

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Finishing of K FAKU was also beautiful and it was also able to make attachment satisfactory.
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The radiator side cover was purchased because of its beautiful color, and the photo and the other side were very bad to install because of the radiator lid. It was very disappointing because it was attached and scratched all the surface of the product and was unsightly mounted.

These block-off plates fit perfectly and have a real nice finish. It isn't glossy like the rest of the Honda engine, but the satin finish looks good. They have the dimples on the bottom to fit the mounting screws for the baffles, so they don't have to be removed. This is the way to go if you want to do more than just plug the air hoses.

ครั้งแรกที่ซื้อสินค้าในเว็บ webike โดยมีคำอธิบายไม่ตรงรุ่น (ของปีใหม่แต่รถผมปี 93) มาลองใส่เอง เออ!!! ได้พอดีแฮะ สวยงามและคงทนคุ้มค่าดีครับ