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4cm Long Swingarm (8-inches/with Bracket) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
ตรงรุ่น: HONDA GORILLA [Gorilla] (Z50J-1300017-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • HONDA GORILLA [Gorilla] (Z50J-1300017-/AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • MONKEY [Monkey] BAJA
โพสต์เรียบร้อย Mar 15, 2017

+4 Swing arm Takegawa

โดย LUKAS (5)จากAustralia

Bought this bad boy for my Gorilla, as it kept trying to buck me off! It fixed the problem fine and ...

Swingarm Triple Square G-Craft
ตรงรุ่น: KAWASAKI KSR-2
  • KSR-1
โพสต์เรียบร้อย Dec 29, 2016

High Accuracy & Light Weight & G...

โดย Japan User(translated) (143091)จากJapan

First of all, I'm glad to hear that the installation accuracy is OK as I thought it was OEM.Howe...

Swingarm Triple Square G-Craft
ตรงรุ่น: HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
  • HONDA GROM [Grom] (MSX125)
โพสต์เรียบร้อย Dec 24, 2016

Importance of Chain slider

โดย Japan User(translated) (143091)จากJapan

Built and textured satisfaction. It is a shame that it is late Chain slider is lousy. It is only abo...